Newfound Perogi Frozen Foods

Contact: Elena Diyanova
Street Address: 1194 Portugal Cove Road
Mailing Address: 7 Tansley Street, St. John's, A1A 0M5
Postal Code: A1M 3L8
City: Portugal Cove - St. Phillips
Telephone: 709 325 5511

Newfound Perogi is a locally owned frozen food factory that specializes in creating wholesome, easy to cook food for the busy family based on the best European recipes. Known for the quality of our ingredients, we have made it a priority to ensure the freshness of all of the ingredients in our products, to bring true European flavours to the people of Newfoundland Labrador.


  1. Serve a  fine, locally made and delectable line of wholesome and nutritious products to both retail and food service industries, that are both quick and easy to prepare, yet still maintain that homemade taste.
  2. Support the local economy by buying ingredients from local farms, manufacturers and distributors


We take pride in using only the  finest quality ingredients available on the market in all of our products. At Newfound Perogi, we believe that in order for food to taste homemade it should be made with 100% natural ingredients. There is no artificial colour or preservatives in any of our products.


Newfound Perogi operates out of a fully commercially licensed and registered facilty. All of our operations are controlled by Government of Newfoundland Labrador Service NL with Newfound Perogi staff having food safety certification issued by Eatsafe Inc.


At Newfound Perogi, we take pride in being client oriented and are ready to meet our growing customer demand. We can customize and create products upon request, while meeting the most stringent requirements, norms and specifications.