JACOBEAN Craft Chocolate

Contact: Darryl Pike
Street Address: 1147 Topsail Road
Mailing Address: 9 Ledingham Place, St. John's, A1A 5M4
Postal Code: A1N 5G2
City: Mount Pearl
Telephone: 709 754 6313
Fax: 709 237 7451
Here at JACOBEAN Craft Chocolate, we begin with sourcing the finest organic cacao beans from around the world. Our single origin beans are nurtured through a 12-step/10-day process to bring out the individual flavours and nuances of each bean profile. Keeping our chocolate limited to small batches, we are able to create the most wonderful flavours.
…. we sort, roast, crack, winnow, grind, formulate, melange, conch, age, and temper small batches of cacao beans and then mold and package each bar by hand:  it is the artisan way.

Like grapes to wine, each origin cacao embodies nuances that are unique to their respective region and our goal as chocolate artists is to develop these flavours profiles and bring out the cacao’s true colours. Experience the rainbow…it’s true chocolate!

Newfoundland’s Bean-to-Bar chocolate studio