FTR logo smallEvery fall we celebrate the bounty of this land and sea, as our teams of chefs span out across the province to bring you amazing gastronomic experiences using all of the food we produce from our fields, forests, rivers and oceans.

Things are changing a bit this year and our tour has evolved into the longest dinner of local food in the province.

October 26… all  rural venues on one night!

The Grande Finale in St. John’s will be hosted at Spirit of Newfoundland on Nov 3.

. Call Nancy at 765 8483 if you have questions. 

In partnership with the Dept. of Fisheries and Land Resources we bring to you, the best our province can produce. 


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Watch our video for a glimpse of the event:

See the CBC piece on  the inaugural Labrador dinner in 2015:

and listen to it here:

Here is another one from The Gulf News:

Pics from 2016