Auditing Services (Environmental)

Terra Sustainability Consulting Inc. (St. John’s, NL)
Terra Sustainability is a sustainability advisory committed to greening your business by reducing your operational impacts on the environment, saving money and enhancing your environmental profile. Terra provides full on-site environmental performance assessments to identify areas for operational improvements and cost savings.
Contact: tel: (709) 242-0994


Certification for Foodservices 

Leaders in Environmentally Accountable Foodservices (LEAF)

LEAF certification offers 
accreditation to restaurants demonstrating efforts in environmental and sustainable foodservice practices


Energy Conservation

a)     Government of Newfoundland and Labrador Turn Back the Tide.
This site offers a wealth of information including energy management, energy audits, products and equipment, waste reduction and more.

b)     Newfoundland Power Take Charge Program

c)     Natural Resources Canada’s Office of Energy Efficiency

d)     EnergyStar Guide for Commercial Kitchen. Natural Resources Canada. Office of Energy Efficiency. (PDF)

e)     U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. (2010). ENERGY STAR® Guide for Restaurants – Putting Energy into Profit. ENERGY STAR.


Green Business

a)     Conservation Corp, Newfoundland and Labrador, Greener Futures Program

The Greener Futures Program is designed to help business owners green their operations.

b)     St. John’s Sustainable Living Guide

Provides information on sustainable living including food, consumerism and waste management.


Sustainable Foodservice

a)     Foodservice Technology Center

b)     Food Services Warehouse

c)     Green Table Network

d)     Green Restaurant Association

e)     Going Greener

f)      Sustainable Food Service.Com

g)     Sustainable Kitchen

h)     Sustainable Restaurant Association

i)      Take Out Without

j)      The Green Chicago Restaurant Coalition


Sustainable Food & Local Purchasing

a)     Buy Local! Buy Fresh! Avalon Map

b)     Community Food Sharing Association (Newfoundland and Labrador)

c)     Fair Trade Canada

d)     Food Security Network of Newfoundland and Labrador (FSN)

e)     Newfoundland and Labrador Farm Guide


Waste Management

a)     Check with your local municipality to learn more about their waste management programs and future plans.

b)     Earth Resource Foundation

c)     Evergreen Recycling

Ever Green Recycling is a non-profit organization that provides meaningful and sustainable employment for individuals recovering from mental illness.

d)     Going Greener. Opportunities to Improve your Restaurant’s Environmental Practices.

e)     Green Depot Network

f)      Multi Materials Stewardship Board, Newfoundland and Labrador

g)     Restaurant Guide to Waste Reduction & Recycling

h)     VON Broadening Horizons Recycling Program, Gander, NL
This organization provides curbside collection of beverage containers, paper products and cardboard to the residents of Gander, as well as commercial paper/cardboard collection for the local business community. The program provides meaningful employment skills and opportunity for persons with disabilities.

i)      Unilever Food Solutions


Waste Haulers

a)     Atlantic Blue Recycling (Northeast Avalon)

b)     Avalon Recycling Services (St. John’s)
Phone: 709-754-5030/709-746-9208

c)     B.C. Trucking & Recycling (Corner Brook)
Phone: 709-638-0393/709-634-3089

d)     DBI Garbage Removal

e)     Murphy Brothers Ltd. 
(Corner Brook)
Phone: 709-634-3345

f)      Sani Smart Waste Disposal Services

g)     Scotia Recycling

h)     Waste Management


Water Conservation

a)     Food Service Technology Center, Water Conservation Measures for Commercial Food Service

b)     Alliance for Water Efficiency (Commercial Food Services)