Here are some of the things you need to get done so you can open:

Occupancy Permit:

Food License:

Liquor License:

You will need clearance from your Fire Department to obtain Occupancy and Liquor permits.


  • Pest Control – Service NL does not legislate pest control as a condition but looks favourably on it
  • Check with your own municipality for any extra conditions, rules and requirments
  • Have adeqaute insurances in place – especially liability!!

Insurance Recommendations for Restaurants

There is no legislated insurances required by Newfoundland and Labrador before you can receive a food, liquor or occupancy licence, however it is recommended by RANL’s legal counsel and insurance company that every food and/or liquor licensed establishment hold the following insurances:

• General and Public Liability of $5 million

• Property Insurance if the business owner and property owner are one and the same
Property Insurance should have water damage and winter weather conditions insurance

• Renters Insurance if the business owner is renting the property
Tenants should ask to see the property owners’ insurance to confirm that the landlord is covered for water and winter weather conditions. If the coverage is not adequate, there should be additional coverage added to the renters insurance against damage to your belongings in the case of water or winter weather damage.

• Caterers/ catering jobs: Must have General and Public Liability Insurance for all events, but if it is a recurring job you should also get renters insurance. If you are providing only staff and food, but not equipment you will not need extra coverage.
In the case of events and festivals, make sure that the event proper insurance for the outside event and how much coverage.

While it is ideal that everyone have the proper and correct insurance, it is sometimes not the case. In the eyes of the law, you are not help liable if you recommend a place that is not properly covered by insurance in the case of something happening. Recommendation is only a recommendation, not a call to action and not a cause of action.

If you have questions call Jeff Davis at Cal LeGrow… he is a restaurant specialist. 709 778 4110

Another great resource is Biz Pal …. check out the info for your town.