To make Newfoundland Labrador, Canada’s top culinary destination

To support and enhance the culinary scene in Newfoundland Labrador in order to help our membership grow and prosper

The Restaurant Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (RANL) has been representing the interests of the Food Service Industry in our province for close to fifty years. Over the years and through the various evolutionary cycles in Association development over a very long period of time, we understand that the interests of the restaurant and food service industry in Newfoundland and Labrador is best served when owners and operators are directly involved in representing the issues that impact their day to day business. RANL works in association with Restaurants Canada and Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador to better meet the broad spectrum of needs our members have,  and will continue to promote and support the culinary indsutry in our province..


We recognize that most of the issues facing restaurant and food service operators in Newfoundland and Labrador are provincial or municipal in nature, that  “all issues are local issues”. In our effort to support the development of the restaurant and food service sector in our province, RANL has been refocusing its efforts to be the leading advocacy agency for the Newfoundland and Labrador restaurant industry. RANL is the senior hospitality industry trade association in our province and we are working with local restaurant owners and operators to represent your views and to help in developing your business.


Membership in RANL is more than being associated with your local trade association. RANL is quickly becoming a very valuable asset for the development of the restaurant and food service industry province wide. The programs that we are providing to members are tangible tools that improve your bottom line: members who are promoted to the consumer market through their listing on the ranl.ca can showcase their business with direct links to their own site, but also with a page they control on the ranl.ca site.  The Savour food and wine Show promotes a dining-out experience to local consumers in an effort to drive business to your establishment. This effort is supported by the Dine Around Newfoundland and Labrador promotion that will be run province wide in a portion of  shoulder season, encouraging the Newfoundland and Labrador consumer to visit your establishment. Real business… in real time.


RANL works with various groups and agencies to increase the use of local product to showcase our unique terroir in our restaurants. As this movement grows, RANL will be the leading agency on helping solve distribution issues, access to the local food and helping operators understand the financial benefits of promoting local.


RANL’s work is guided by the Strategic Plan implemented in 2015, a plan that focuses on financial sustainability, improved governance and administration, and most importantly; building and supporting the local culinary scene.

Our business is helping you thrive in your business.